Tuning into relaxation & finding “me time”

Up until recently, my idea of relaxation was sitting on the sofa with some sort of reality TV on, whilst I scrolled Instagram and maybe flicked through a magazine…all at the same time.

It’s only as a wrote that, that I realised that, whilst it’s not working, or housework, it’s still a lot of multi-tasking.

Giving 30% of my attention to several tasks instead of just indulging in one.

And don’t we all do this?

Now I’m not saying I’ve given up my sofa multi-tasking expertise, but I have found a way to really find some “me time” and tune in to proper, deep, relaxation.

So much so, I’ve been falling asleep, lol.

But, why?

Ok, so obviously, there is more to this than just trying to find my inner hippy. We are training in hypnobirthing ahead of Baby R’s arrival.

But, as soon as I started thinking more about this ultimate relaxation time, the more I realised that we could all do with a bit of this in our lives.

Time to just push away all thoughts of work, adulting, general life, and just be you.

Or, time to give yourself space to think through a situation that’s been bothering you.

Finding myself the comfiest corner

First up, where do you feel comfiest? And what can you do to create a space that is focused purely on relaxation?

I realised lately, that when I’m asked to visualise a space where I feel most comfortable, I don’t dream of a far away island, I picture my own home.

It’s honestly where I feel the most comfortable, and where I can actually indulge in ultimate relaxation.

Now obvs my own bed is the most comfiest place I can choose, but in actual fact, if I set aside relaxation time there, I actually just fall asleep…and that isn’t really the aim here.

So, I’ve created this little space in the baby’s room. Sadly, it can’t stay forever, and I’ll have to re-purpose this furniture and the cushions around my home, but for now, it feels perfect.

I love to just sit here, and think…or not think, and just relax.

Losing the screen time

There’s no television in this room, I don’t scroll through my phone, I don’t prop my iPad up for YouTube catch up.

But I do read. It’s lovely to just cosy up, and read a book, without any distractions.

I know we all know the benefits, we’ve heard that we shouldn’t look at our phone before sleep, but we’re all still there dropping our phones on our faces when we get too tired, lol.

I’ve really felt the benefits lately though, try it…it genuinely makes a difference if you leave your phone alone for 5 minutes.

Calming music

My new routine includes calming music after I’ve read my book.

I guess this might not be everyone’s thing, but it’s really interesting to at least give it a go.

I’d never considered it before, and I’m a bit of a skeptic when it comes to this type of thing, but knowing that I quite enjoy a bit of chilled music on a spa day, I thought I’d chuck some on.

I actually love it.

It kind of helps with the whole “blocking out any other thoughts” thing, and just lets you drift away.

Making it your own

There’s going to be other things that you can add into your perfect relaxation space to really make it perfect for you.

For me, I’m obsessed with aromatherapy oils. I recently bought myself a plug in diffuser, that you can add a couple of drops of oil into, and omg I legit feel like I’m in a spa somewhere chilling the F out.

I’m also getting pretty into affirmations. LOL. Who even am I?

This clearly relates back to the Hypnobirthing we’re learning about, but to be honest, I don’t think it’s a bad thing to get into.

Got a goal in mind? Visualise it. Repeat it. Believing in it will make it seem far more achievable.

What’s your idea of relaxation?

I would genuinely love to hear some of your tips for relaxation, and how you create cosy spaces at home! Find me on Instagram or Twitter to chat more all things chilled.

Thanks SO MUCH to the Dunelm team who sent over these beaut cushions, which by the way are blimmin’ affordable too! Check out their range here.

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