Do This Once A Day To Improve Your Self Belief

I am that person who sits down at the end of the day and criticises myself for not achieving much, or not doing anything particularly well. I didn’t tick off my to do list. Or, I didn’t get the hoovering done. Perhaps I wanted to wash my hair and I haven’t even bothered to do that. Or sometimes it relates to this little blog, and whether I believe I am any good at it. I’m forever putting a downer on myself for just not being good enough. But do you know what, that is the damaging thing in itself. Once you up your own self belief, and congratulate yourself on every mini milestone, you’ll probs feel about 2310230 times better.

self belief

keeping a daily achievement diary

Start it today. Find 10 minutes at the end of your day, maybe just as you climb into bed, or whilst your watching the latest Eastenders, and write down at least one thing that you did well today. Or even, just did today. It doesn’t have to be long winded. It doesn’t have to be a monumental achievement, but it is something you accomplished today. Recognise it and allow yourself to enjoy it. Begin to appreciate yourself.

3 ways this will improve your self belief

Firstly, lacking in self belief, or self confidence, encourages us to hide away from social situations. To stop trying new things, and avoid challenges. I can definitely relate to that, and it’s something I am trying to shake. Look at me, I’m no fitness expert and I bloody cycled 100 miles a few weeks ago. It feels great, and I would recommend a challenge like that to anyone.

  1. You will start to focus more on the things you can do, rather than the things you can’t do

  2. Rather than feeling like a failure because you can’t get away from whatever it might be that you haven’t done, you’ll feel positive about all the things you have done. Sometimes for me, all it can take is booking that dentist appointment I’ve been putting off to realise I’m not completely failing at adult life. You’ll start to focus on more of a “can do” attitude, rather than a “can’t do” attitude.
  3. You will give yourself a moment to clarify what is important to get done, and what isn’t

  4. Does it really matter that you didn’t clean the bathrooms today, or did it feel good to choose whatever it is you’re passionate about instead? Yes, sometimes I choose taking blog photos over cleaning my kitchen, and yes it frustrates me a little bit. But, the kitchen is still going to be there and nothing awful is going to happen whilst I allow myself a bit of indulging in what I enjoy.
  5. You will learn to praise yourself

  6. Eventually. Most of us are awful at complimenting ourselves. We don’t know how to take compliments from others, often replying with something that downplays whatever it is we’re fan-bloody-tastic at. Once you start compiling a list of your mini accomplishments, you’ll start to realise how fab you are. You’ll realise that you are getting shit done, and you’re actually aceing life pretty well.

Do you have any tips for raising your self belief? Or, are you going to commit to a daily achievement diary today?

self belief

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