5 Ways To Treat Yourself Like You Are Your Own Best Friend

At the start of this year I set myself 6 visualisations for 2018. I’m not calling them goals, because that isn’t what they are. I literally visualised these things happening, writing them down as if they have already happened. As if I am already reviewing my 2018. Ways of living, things I want to achieve…cryptic I know. I couldn’t possibly even impact some of them, but I am sure as hell going to visualise them materialising. Some of them are very personal, and some of them are blog related, completely unrelated things that I am going to keep private. But, today, I am going to share one of them with you. Prioritising self care.

With my visualisations set in place, I put the “how” to it. How was I going to get there? Even if it’s something I can’t impact, there would still be a “how”. I had a few in mind for priorising self care, but ultimately, what it comes down to is would I treat my best friend like this? If the answer is no, why the hell are you treating yourself like it?

self care

1. Make time for self care

The dishwasher needs emptying, the food shop needs doing, the car needs refuelling. There is always something isn’t there? I schedule my whole life, and I am always multi-tasking, but am I setting time aside to just be on my own, or do something I love?

Sometimes it pays to say no to when you’re asked to do something after work, because actually you need a long soak in the bath with the book you’ve not had time to read lately. Or you should stop beating yourself up because you haven’t asked someone to catch up that day, because you just want to have a lazy morning catching up on sleep and walking the dog. You make time for your best friends, so make a bit of time for your own self care too.

2. Celebrate your successes

How excited are you for your pals when something good happens? Ever bought a little congratulations gift, or simply text them to tell them how awesome they are? I’m guessing you’ve done this more than you’ve allowed yourself to feel good about something in your own life.

Enjoy even the smallest of successes. Don’t play them down and tell yourself you could have done better. Go out for dinner and celebrate that good feedback you got at work today, or tweet about whatever it is that you’ve been amazing at.

3. Pay attention to how you’re feeling

I’m invested in how my besties are feeling. If somethings wrong, I want to help them feel better about it, or at least let them know they can talk about it. But, are you paying attention to how you feel?

I’m generally a positive person, but this also means I brush things under the carpet and tell myself to just get on with things. There’s only so much the underneath of that carpet will take though, so allow yourself to really pay attention to how you feel. Maybe you feel great and you want to really remember how that feels and embrace it. Or maybe you’re feeling a bit crappy and you need to think about how you can apply a bit of self care to remedy that. Take 15-30 minutes a day to pay attention to your thoughts. No phones, no distractions, just a bit of time to clarify your thoughts.

4. Compliment yourself

I love Sophie and Millie’s Keeping it Candid podcast, it keeps me coming back every week. A couple of weeks ago they talked about rejecting compliments, and how it’s basically a habit most of us can’t seem to break. How often do you tell your bestie they look great? Or that you love their new trainers?

I bet you can think of a million things you love about them, and the same number of things you hate about your own appearance. Hold it  right there, no one is noticing all those things you think are awful, so why don’t you try looking at the things you love about yourself for a change?

5. Give yourself a break

Do you judge your pals? I’m guessing that is a no. But do you judge yourself? Pick holes in everything you do? Kick yourself for not getting to the gym that week (lol I don’t even have a membership), or hate on yourself a bit for eating that chocolate biscuit? Well, I’m guessing you would tell your best mate to give herself a break, and treat herself. Do the same for you.

Does any of this ring true for you? I would love for you to share your self care tips for others in the comments.

self care

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