Should You Share Your Pregnancy Online?

A question I asked myself over and over again.

When I’d thought about falling pregnant, I’d imagined that I might want to tell those close to me before we hit the illusive 12 week mark.

But when it came to it, Ross and I felt fiercely protective of our little secret and incredibly superstitious about sharing it any sooner.

So then came the decision of whether to share the news online. I love my little Instagram and blogging community, and I’ve become friendly with so many little gems out there, I knew there would be heaps of love…but was it what I wanted?

There was only ever one thing holding me back. What if something goes wrong? Something could go wrong at any point, so I just wasn’t sold on sharing immediately after the 12 week scan. I needed to feel mentally ready to share.

Now, I appreciate I’m not Melanie Million Followers, but to me, my following is huge. Imagine over 2,000 people stood in front of me as I shared some of the biggest news of my life? It’s a lot.

But do you know what I really love about Instagram, sometimes more than the imagery? It’s the conversation that I have over there. The lengthy captions that probably bore some to tears, and the connection it gives me with others.

And whilst I was holding the news in, I felt like I couldn’t really be me over there. I stopped sharing completely for a while, and when I did have a photo to post, I wasn’t sure what to write with it. It got to a point where I just wanted an outlet to share how I was feeling, and chat to other mum’s or mum’s to be.

We shared our news at around 18 weeks, and I’m so pleased I waited until I was mentally ready to share the news online, and didn’t rush into anything.

I think it’s a very personal decision to share your pregnancy online, but for me, I’ve loved having people to chat to when my brain gets a little fuzzy. Or somewhere to share the excitement when something new happens.

I’m also loving having my blog to write about whatever baby chat needs to spill out of my brain at that moment. It’s a place where people can come to relate to, to lol at me with, and a place to store memories for the future.

And my YouTube…I’m SO happy I’m creating memories over there to watch back for years to come. I hope baby Richards appreciates all this lol. Probs just going to be a smelly boy who could care less…

I’m not sure there’s much to this question other than to go with what feels right. You’ll know, it will almost be instinctive. If you don’t feel comfortable sharing details online, then don’t, but if you know you need that outlet, then go for it.

Did you have any trouble coming to a decision over whether to share your pregnancy online?

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