Social Pressure To Embrace Every Season

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Well let’s start with a big old HAPPY HALLOWEEN, shall we?

Or not, because perhaps you just don’t care, lol.

Pumpkin patch mania

How many of you visited a pumpkin patch this year, not because you have an undying love for pumpkins and you dream about this time of year constantly, but because well…everyone else did?

That mum from nursery, whose kids finger paint every weekend and help bake cupcakes on a Sunday morning. Or that Instagram gal who slapped on a full face of make up, a new outfit, and got her hair did especially for the ‘gram?

And was it as amazing as you thought it would be?

Not gonna lie, we went to one last year…but we tiptoed around the mushy pumpkin remnants whilst trying to find anything we wanted to take home.

I’ve also carved some pretty impressive pumpkins in my time. I’ve even dressed up as one. It was less “big round orange thing” though, and more “adult wearing a child’s outfit”…

So, I’m not adverse to the whole Halloween she-bang, but I also don’t really care one way or the other. And this year, I decided that I definitely wasn’t going to spend my money on a pumpkin, giving into social pressure just to make sure my Instagram was seasonal.

Please don’t take offence if you did. If it is your thing, then I love your excitement…I’m speaking to the people who just did it because they thought they should.

And anyway, if you did, I probs liked your photo, commented on it, and went away with a fuzzy autumnal feeling inside, but I just can’t really be bothered to do it myself this year.

Maybe it’s because I’m focusing my energy on growing my own little pumpkin, lol.

Maybe it’s because I’ve realised that doing anything purely because of the social pressure to do so, is becoming less and less my “thing”.

Social pressure…all year round

It’s not just Halloween is it?

It’s the need to show off just how cosy our winter’s are, with copious Starbucks Christmas cups. Spring appears, and we’re scouring the shops for peonies to stick up on the grid. Summer arrives and it’s all about what clothes we’ve been buying to embrace the warmer weather.

I mean, it’s not exactly great for the old environment is it, or our bank balances…

I’m not ditching all of those things, but what I am saying is, I will only be doing those things if it’s really, truly what I want to do. Not because it’s what everyone wants to see on Instagram.

You see, Bonfire Night is where my heart is…give me a cosy outfit, a hot dog and a big old bonfire any day. It’s incredibly nostalgic for me (I wrote about that here), and yeah, I’ll probs Instagram story the shizz out of the 5th November. Because it is my thing.

Also, please don’t shout at me if I decide that my baby boy really really really needs to visit a pumpkin patch this time next year.

Let’s be honest, that could be the cutest thing ever, and my Instagram could very well look like Halloween threw up all over it in October 2019. LOL.

I would love to know your thoughts on this…is it just me, or are some of you a little bit jaded by an entire feed of pumpkins and the Halloween excitement?

Have you ever done something, purely because social pressure said you should? And which seasonal trends do you prefer to ignore?

Come and tell me about it on Instagram or Twitter

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