Spreading The Love

Spreading The Love


I feel like throughout my teen years I was kind of forever jealous of other people. Not like nasty jealous, just like ahh why did they get that great opportunity, why didn’t I find that top first, why am I not going on that amazing holiday?

I’m pleased to say that this is something I have grown out of as I have grown older, and now I am most definitely cheering from the sidelines whenever someone in my life does something amazing. Oh and by the way, great opportunities only come if you work hard and put yourself in the right position for success. This shift in mindset comes with a greater awareness of how I treat other people, and it’s simple, it’s what your parents told you constantly. Treat other people how you wish to be treated. I tell you what, try treating them better than you expect to be treated.

Has a stranger ever stopped you and told you they like your outfit? Have you ever received a comment online that really brightened your day? Anyone ever passed their parking ticket along to you before you had to pay yourself? These are such tiny little acts of kindness that can leave a monumental impact on others. Imagine someone is having the worst day and you knew nothing about it, but you managed to do something that turned it around for them? Imagine being that person, and imagine how that will make you feel. Trust me, doing something nice for someone else will make you feel a trillion times better than if you hadn’t.

I think self awareness is a really intelligent quality. Take just one moment to think about something you are about to do, about to say, and how that might affect others… how would you react or receive whatever it might be? What impact would it have on you?

We spend so much of our lives running around trying to tick our to do list off, but let’s face it how often has the world actually exploded unless you made it to Starbucks before your next meeting? Or could you take just one extra minute in your day to do something nice for another person. Challenge yourself, and let me know how good it feels.



































Earrings – TOPSHOP
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Necklace – Monica Vinader

J’adore Tee – Boohoo (I actually got mine on ASOS, but it keeps going in and out of stock!)
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Skirt – New Look via ASOS
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Converse – SCHUH

Leather jacket is old Steve Madden and backpack is Zara from a few years ago!

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