Take Time For Yourself: How I Feel More “Together”

The other day I looked in the mirror and my reaction was “ugh”. I know, I know…we should all love ourselves blah blah blah, but hun, it don’t always work like that. I’m well aware that beauty is v much not only skin deep. I’m all about being kind to yourself on a deeper level, and spreading the love with those around you. But, sometimes a good old pamper is all you need right now. Sometimes, all it takes is a long bath with a facemask and your fave Netflix series to make it seem like all is right in the world. I bet you are forever rushing around, feeling like you have no time to just look after yourself. Before you know it, you are burnt OUT. Well love, this is all the permission you need to take time for yourself.

I feel about 3047575% better when I’ve got my basic beauty shit together. From a few at home tricks that improve your “woke up like dis” look, to a beachy blow dry that makes you feel like you can take on the world.

Blown Southampton

Getting ma hair didBlown Southampton

I’ve been umming and ahhing over my hair for a while now. Keep it short? Grow it out? Side part? Middle part? Life is so complicated lol. Anyway, I think I’ve settled on growing it out a bit longer and, wait for it. I’m going to have it lightened. That might not seem like a big deal to most of you, but I have never dyed my hair before. Life’s too short and it’s only hair, so screw it.

My favourite bit of going to the hairdressers is always letting someone else massage my head and having my hair blown better than I ever could. I swear you can go longer between washes when it’s been professionally dried! So, you can imagine my excitement when I heard there was a local blow bar opening up. Blown Southampton is Instagram heaven, and they’re just getting started. If velvet chairs and pink letter boards are your thang, come on in.

I went for their “wavy baby” blow, and now I just feel like I want to swish my hair about constantly. Although that could also have been because the Affinage Professional products that they use smell SO good. Not to mention that it is a beaut environment for a girly get together, the perfect opportunity to take time for yourself. Literally an hour of your week and a £20 “treat yoself” moment, could make all the difference.

Blown SouthamptonGet them brows on fleek

I don’t quite remember where my journey with eyebrows started out, but it definitely led to some early years of major overplucking. Coupled with a fact that my besties quite clearly pointed out – that my brows are so fair that I look like an egg with no make up (cheers guys, love you too…and they are v v correct), means a little bit of brow maintenance makes me feel like a new woman.

I recently lost my way in the brow department, and after growing them out for a while I am back on the HD brows train. Full, boyish but shapely brows are my thang. Take time for yourself and let an expert loose on them brows for a change.

Fresh claws

Is it ok that I feel like my whole life is in a mess when I have chipped, messy nails? Total exaggeration and first world probs, as there are much bigger things to worry about in the world, BUT them fresh gels! So yep, it really does please me to gaze down at my glossy nails as I type this shit out. And it’s handy for being insta ready at all times too lol. But actually, it’s that hour or so that you set aside to take time for yourself that really makes a difference.

I have my own gel nails kit, so sometimes I just sit and treat myself whilst listening to The Greatest Showman soundtrack lol. I tell you what though, I feel like one of them faaaaancy grown up ladies when I actually take the time to visit a salon and let someone else smooth a few creams on my mitts and apply a fresh lick of paint. Perhaps that could be your one thing, every few weeks. That one moment that is all about you, and makes you feel like you’ve got your shit together for weeks.

Also, if you’re still chasing them insta dreams…Blown does rose gold nails. ROSE GOLD NAILS.

Take Time For YourselfBlown Southampton

That’s the real message here. Don’t feel bad if you have got more chips on your nails than the local fish & chippy. Don’t feel bad if you can’t stand the thought of coating yourself in fake tan (FYI – this makes me feel about 3 million percent better about myself, I highly recommend a bit of Bondi Sands!). But, if one of those things genuinely makes you feel better about yourself go for it. And don’t feel bad about it. Don’t think about what else you could be doing with that time. Or what you could have spent that £20 on. Take time for yourself. Pick one thing, or tell me about something I haven’t included here, and see if it makes a difference.

What’s your fave way to feel more “together”? How do you take time for yourself?




Take Time for yourself

A big thank you to Blown Southampton for treating me and the lovely @Sotonbloggers to blow dries and nails, and encouraging us to take some time for ourselves! Go follow them on Instagram for ALL the hair inspo @blownsouthampton…and if you head over and see the lovely gals for a blow dry hashtag #blownsouthampton #babesofblown.

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