Thank You, Bear

Thank You, Bear

Bear cub, Barkasauras Rex, Dogifer, Butterbean. I have many names for you, but luckily you only respond to your real life name, Bear.

My husband banged on about getting a dog ever since we moved into our own home in 2014. As if that was all the permission he needed, well it’s our house and we have a garden, what more do we need?! However, I am the sensible head in this marriage and I worried about how we would look after a dog, how we would feed another mouth, not to mention the mess it would make of my grey carpets! To this end, my answer was always no. That never quite married up with my reaction whenever I saw a dog though. Oh my god look at him! Let me touch him now! Obsessed.

It’s no secret that we went through somewhat of a rough patch in the second half of 2016. A rough patch that gave me a bit of a SCREW IT attitude. So Ross continued to wear me down about getting a dog, and over hot chocolates in one of our favourite villages on a soggy Sunday in January, I told Ross that we could think about getting a dog. Fast forward less than 48 hours and the little sod was sat in the back of my car with said puppy. We’ll just go and look, I said, we’re not going to buy the first puppy we meet, I said. Well I have no regrets that we did just that. I know all the advice says to do the opposite, but then we wouldn’t be celebrating the first birthday of the little ray of sunshine who popped up just when we needed him.

Now I am not giving this advice as to how you should buy a dog, definitely not…we literally stopped in Pets at Home on our way back and bought everything from a bed to a water bowl, but he was absolutely the best decision for us at the best time.

So, thank you Bear. Thank you for being born on the day I was admitted to hospital for the last time (you must have known!). Thank you for lifting all of our spirits when very little else did. Thank you for being the good luck charm that spiralled so much happy news. Thank you for being the happiest little pup. Thank you for making everyone smile at your wiggly bum. Thank you.

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