The Best Way To Spend A Sunny Evening

How many of you have spent this week imprisoned in your office, staring out at the bright blue skies and beaming sunshine? Dreaming of winning the lottery? Oh hey, it me! Well, I can’t tell you how to win the lottery, but I can tell you the best way to spend a sunny evening after a day of drowning in emails and pure boredom!

Find yaself a cute little outdoor spot that serves grade A grub and cocktails (ok, mocktails) to match. Even better, get yaself to HarBar on 6th, it’s the bomb.

Harbar on 6th - the best way to spend a sunny evening

Getting yourself going, when you’re not really feeling it

I’ll admit it, I kind of had that feeling deep in my belly on the day that I was due to meet my fab blogging pals down at the Southampton Harbour Hotel to indulge in a few drinks and pizza.

You know the one that keeps telling you that a night on the sofa in your PJs would probably be a better idea right now? I’d had a crappy morning. I’d forgotten the skirt I wanted to change into that evening. And I was feeling a little bit uninspired after a day of dreaming about being anywhere but at work all day.

So what did I do? Gave myself a bit of a talking to, slapped a shit load of make up on my face, and got myself down there. And guess what? I felt about a billion times better for it, and it was absolutely the right decision.

To start with, these girls are absolute gems. A level zero awkwardness for gals that I have only known a matter of months, plenty of gossip and all the lols. I’m sold.

I know we’re really here to talk about the complete fabulousness that is HarBar on 6th, but I couldn’t not just give you a little heads up on how I started out feeling that day, and how the best company makes or breaks a situation.

Sometimes you really do need to give in to that “pj’s on the sofa” kinda feeling. Sometimes you need to give yourself a kick up the bum and get yourself going.

And eating all the delish food

Anywho. We were invited to sample the sunshine, cocktails and food that HarBar on 6th has to offer, and to say you won’t be disappointed is an understatement.

Soz to be the party pooper but ya gal doesn’t drink, so I couldn’t indulge in incredible Mermaid Gin cocktails that the girls were sinking easier than the Titanic. I’m not gonna lie though, gin used to be my absolute bae, and these looked like the ultimate concoction. I also bloody loved that you can pretty much see the Mermaid Gin HQ on the Isle of Wight from HarBar on 6th! If you love a gin (and a sun terrace) try their “Copa Mermaids” drink…or try 6.

If you’re like me on the other hand and a mocktail is more your thang, their Elderflower Mojito will make you feel like you are sipping gin with the best of them, and it looks like a grown up drink too. Lol.

Elderflower Mojito Mocktailmermaid gin

Then there was the food. Ah the food. I think I could happily make my way through their entire menu. From breakfast right through to Sunday lunch, I’m in.

From guac and chips to meatballs, we sampled several of the small plates, before the pizza came out. They have a stonebaked pizza oven which tbh is the dream.

If that lottery win does ever come my way, you can expect a pizza oven to pop up in my acres of land.

Whether you like your pizza topped with spicy sausage or you fancy something a little bit different like prawns and clams, this place is the one. I’ve already decided that me and Ross need to make a trip back here!

harbar on 6th pizzaHarbar on 6th pizza oven

You need to go…

So do me a favour and just picture yourself. Sat on a rooftop bar, staring out at the beaut Solent, sipping cocktails and tucking into pizza. I’m sorry, how does that not sound like the best way to spend a sunny evening?

Now, excuse me whilst I find the perfect excuse to book an overnight stay at the Southampton Harbour Hotel, because it is calling my name.

harbar on 6th - the best way to spend a sunny evening

A big thank you to the Harbour Hotels team for inviting us along! Whilst I was treated to a v lovely evening by the gorgeous Harbour Hotels girls, I was not paid for this review. All the love is my own.

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Heard about my business yet? Have a look here. Please. Thank you!

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