5 Things You Don’t Expect To Feel When You Find Out You’re Pregnant

When you find out your pregnant, it’s amazing. Of course it is. And there are lots of lovely thoughts and feelings involved.

Picturing yourself holding the little pickle for the first time. Imagining who it’s going to look like. Picturing the cot in the nursery.

But, there are a lot of things that we must all be thinking at some point that make us panic a little bit and wonder what the hell we’re doing.

Even if this is everything you have ever wanted.

SHIT SHIT SHIT, do I even want kids?!?!?

Of course, the answer is yes, but there are moments when you realise how much life might have to change and ermmm it’s actually kind of ok now. I can have as much sleep as I like, I can go on holiday whenever I like, wherever I like (lottery win pending), and I don’t really have to think about anyone else but me. How am I going to slot another human into these plans? And what happens when they turn into a fully blown adult that I have to like. Lol.

And that leads me onto, can I be selfless enough?

I’m not a selfish person, but I don’t have to think about anyone else but myself right now. Well, in the keeping myself alive kind of way. I’m sure all these things come naturally when the baby decides to say hello, but for now, it’s all a bit unknown.

How the F am I going to push a human out of my body.

I’m pretty sure this baby is going to get a heck of lot bigger than it’s planned exit route in the next few months, and hi, hello how is that possible.

Ermmm, how am I going to afford this?

With standard maternity pay covering 6 weeks 90% wages, followed by less than £150 a week, I’m barely going to scrape my mortgage. Until you find this out, you’re dreaming of a year off tending to your offspring’s every need, and then woah hang on, can the baby survive without me after 6 weeks coz mama gotta start earning the pennies.

What if I am an awful mum?

I’m that person who doesn’t really know how to talk to kids I don’t know. I don’t understand what happens when. What if I have zero maternal instincts and the kid is left to fend for themselves? As I go back to work 6 weeks later, leaving them to make their own breakfast. Lol, not gonna happen, don’t panic.

I know I am making light of all of this mumming stuff…but help a gal out here, anyone else felt the same!?

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