Wedding Tips: Things I Would Change About Our Day

Wedding Tips: Things I Would Change About Our Day

Did you know that I used to be a wedding planner? I often forget that I know the world of weddings inside out, upside down and back to front. I’ve planned intimate ceremonies for two, and luxury celebrations for over 200 people. Seen everything from bridezilla melt downs to owls delivering the rings. I even got married in the beautiful countryside hotel that I worked in at the time. Yep, I was my own wedding co-ordinator lol. Control freak much? I probably have a TON of wedding tips if I put my mind to it, so hit me up if you have any questions.

This post is going to focus on a few things most of us who are married probably don’t really want to think about. Things I would change about my wedding day. I wouldn’t go so far as regrets, because it was literally the best day. But if we were doing it all again right now, I definitely think my focus would shift a little and I have so many new wedding ideas that I would love to play around with. I don’t think I could quite convince Ross to renew our vows just yet, so instead I’mma chat wedding tips with you guys.

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If you’ve ever noticed my gallery wall, you will have spotted that it’s a bit of a wedding shrine. It features all of my fave photos from our day, but of course I have a ton more that are yet to make it into print. If we were doing it all again though, I think that the type of images I would want would be a bit different. Something a little bit more intimate, way more fun, and more relaxed.

Some of that definitely comes down to me being a little bit more relaxed and open to photos of myself! Equally, we are both WAY more into our photography now than we were back then…maybe we would be a photographers nightmare these days lol.

Can we just take a moment for Carrie’s wedding images? I am literally head over heels! When it comes to photography, one of my biggest wedding tips would be an engagement shoot. If you’re not that into photos of yourself you might wonder why, but honestly you will feel far better prepared and relaxed when it comes to photos on the day! And try and work some fun, relaxed shots in there, they’re my fave.

Bridal party

Excuse me, why was the wedding range at ASOS not a thing when I got married!? I would have LOVED to choose bridesmaid dresses from the selection that they have now. It’s beautiful, affordable and looks like it costs a heck of a lot more than it does. So yeah, I reckon if I got married again now, the bridesmaids would look a little different. As would the Groomsmen, as I am fairly certain Ross would go for an entirely different look now. It’s amazing how everything changes in just a few years!

Whilst we are on the chat of bridal wear…why have I managed to find SO many pairs of shoes that I would loved to have worn, after me blaaaady wedding? I really struggled to find the right shoe. Something that looked amazing, but were comfy enough for all day, and worked with the length of my dress. Nope, nadah…I do like the shoes I chose, but I have found so many I love way more since!

Lastly, I would have loved to of had a bigger budget for bridal party gifts. We were squeezing the funds a little, but I would have loved to really treat them! Maybe I could do an anniversary gift for them one day lol.


Our wedding was awash with gypsophelia (baby’s breath) and I still love it so much! I would definitely still have this, but I would pair it with some looser arrangements. Something that looked like it was freshly picked from the fields that morning. Oh how very dreamy of me lol. If you don’t have a strong idea of what flowers for your wedding day, one of my wedding tips would be to firstly check out what your florist is great at. Then, send them a few photos and colour schemes and let their imagination run wild, the surprise of getting your flowers on the wedding morning is great! Well, providing it is along the lines of what you’re after lol.

I also think that I would up the décor a little bit. We did have lots of lovely little touches, and the venue was stunning so it really didn’t need a lot, but there are so many cute things around these days! I think I would add in a few quirky bits like those huge balloons in the trees outside, and paper decorations.

Hair and makeup

Ok yep I loved my hair and make up at the time, but times change and this gals into a bit of a different look these days. I’m sure it’s for the best that my hair and makeup were timeless, but I think I would go a bit stronger on the eyes and a bit softer on the hair now. I had this annoying piece of hair that kept slipping out and flying all over my face! It was a great look, and really distracts me when I watch the ceremony back in our video lol.

I would also pay way more attention to what I was wearing on my lips. These were the days before I worked for a huge luxury beauty brand, so I was a bit more of a high street addict back then. As it was such a special occasion, I wish I had picked something out from a luxury brand. Something that would be around for years and I could get all nostalgic about. That said, high street products are SO much better than they were just a few short years ago when I got married.


I was so proud that I handmade all of our stationery. Literally 90% of the stuff you saw at our wedding was made by the hands that are typing these words. I do still love it all, but I am forever blown away by the amazing stationery I see available now. For a start, places like my bae Paperchase have beaut products these days, but just look at the little beauties Amy Harwood produces. I literally just want to plan an event so that I can order something from her!

So yeah, I reckon I would go for a whole different kinda look for wedding stationery.

I feel like I have blabbed on about wedding tips ton now, soz guys! I guess what I am trying to say, is think long and hard about these 5 things. Have you picked something that truly and utterly screams your personality? Do you absolutely LOVE IT? If not, keep at it, and make sure it’s perfect.

I would love to share more wedding tips with you if you’ve loved this post, so if you are in the midst of planning, is there anything you want to know?

For those of you who are already married, is there anything that you would change about your day?

Would you fancy a nosy at what my wedding looked like?

wedding tips

Venue – Lainston House

Photography – Cooper Photography

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