Weekend Plans, The Perfect Routine

weekend plans
What are your weekends like? Lazy? Productive? Social plans coming out of your ears? As much as a lazy weekend is good for the soul, sometimes when I indulge in a lie in, I find that the day disappears. I’m an early riser. I’ve never been able to sleep late, but I am partial to a bit of an Instagram scroll in bed of a Saturday morning. 2 hours of Instagram stories (oops) and a shower later, all of a sudden its 11.30am and I’m wondering how to fit all of my weekend plans in.

It leaves me feeling like I’m not making the most out of the only solid 48 hours I have entirely to myself. In turn, this makes me feel a bit anxious and as though I haven’t got my shit together. Sunday night appears and I feel like I’ve missed out on precious time. I actually love getting a couple of extra hours into my weekend, and it got me thinking about the perfect weekend routine. I thrive on routine. It soothes my soul, and short of actually scheduling my weekends in detail these small changes help me feel settled and productive.

brunching to keep the hangry monster at bay

A sure fire way to get me out of bed at a reasonable hour on the weekend is the lure of a delicious brunch. I think I could live solely on a diet of pancakes, poached eggs and avocado. Not all together though you silly billy.

My most recent brunch outing was at Vospers, and I’m v certain I’m going to head back soon to work my way through the menu. I indulged in these delish pancakes (it would have been rude not to…I mean, it IS pancake week. What, sorry, it only lasts one day??), whilst eyeing up the breakfast muffins around the table. From pancakes with bacon, to veggie muffins and barbecue beans on toast, I am sure you would find something to tickle your pickle.

Not to mention they serve Mettricks coffee, so you can fill your Instagram coffee boots. Or if you are feeling super fancy, breakfast cocktail anyone? They serve brunch from 9.30am, so I encourage you to get up and kick start your weekend plans with a little bit of brunch. Or if you fancy ignoring that bit of advice, they serve all the way up until 2pm. GO GO GO.

weekend plans

ticking off that to do list

I am big on list making. I am so naturally scatty that a to do list keeps me in order and calms my mind. Anything from “pop into Boots and pick up shampoo” to “fix the leaky toilet”…a real insight into my exciting life there. If I write it down, it generally tends to get done and I can pop myself on the sofa with a smug face for a celebs go dating marathon. Seriously, my weekend plans need to include chill, but I really struggle to settle my brain when I feel like there was something I meant to do. Once I’ve ticked off the list, I can relish in a big ol’ chill…and I encourage you to do the same.

Starting my day with brunch out of the house seriously motivates me to get on and do everything I need to do, before flopping on the sofa by about 3pm.

those who matter

If you have your parents on your doorstep, your Granny round the corner, and your sister letting herself in your house because she’s there that often, then I am JEL. My family are dotted around the place and I have to specifically make plans to see them. All too often, this slips by the wayside and I realise it has been far too long without some family time.

I am big on planning out my time, so I tend to look at my calendar for the entire year and roughly think about when I am going to see my family and friends who aren’t local. I make sure that I set aside a few dates throughout the year that should work for us all, and keep to them. If you have family that you just don’t see enough of, give it a go. All too often Friday creeps up on me and it’s too late to make weekend plans, but if I had pencilled something in months ago, it’s done!

weekend plans

a bit of “me time”

I love spending time with my husband. He is my true partner in crime and we love to do the same things. Whether that is brunch, a mooch around the shops or a photographing sesh. But it’s important to just have a bit of “me time” too. I visited Vospers with a fab group of bloggers, and followed it up with a day browsing the shops in Southampton. I can’t even tell you the last time I went shopping on my own before then!

It made me realise that, as much as I love a husband and wife day, sometimes it is just what I need to spend 3 hours in the H&M changing rooms without worrying about anyone hanging around waiting for me. Or watching that Zara bill rack up. Or waiting for me to Insta story my life lol.

so, what are the perfect weekend plans?

Brunch, a few productive hours, time with your loved ones and much needed chill. And remember, it feels good to just be you sometimes. Do something you love this weekend.

Thanks for having us Vospers! For more tips on how to take a bit of time for yourself, read about Blown Southampton here.

weekend plans

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