What Are You Waiting For?

What Are You Waiting For?

I discovered blogging in 2014. Say whaaaat, there are all these people out here creating an online world I knew nothing about?! I instantly wished I had started this thang way back when I was at University. I love writing, it seemed like the perfect outlet, and I wanted to be a part of it. As a kid who was picked up and plonked in different towns, different schools, different counties (…that went down well aged 16!), I’ve often left behind friendships that could have blossomed into something lifelong, and it’s always left me feeling a little bit out of the loop.

Woah, that looks like a whole other post in itself! Let’s get this shizz back on track.

I was fascinated by all the reviews and beauty chat that was out there and loved trawling all the old school blogs before heading to Boots or Superdrug. It wasn’t just the endless hours of procrastination that blogs allowed me (…hmm which new *insert lipstick, mascara, eyeshadow here* did I need this week?) that I loved, but I actually wanted to be a part of it, to get my own words out into the world. So, I started a blog. I guess I would describe it as a beauty blog, with a little bit of lifestyle thrown in. If I saw that blog right now, I would click off quicker than you can say the word “boring”. My simple views on the latest beauty product everyone else had already blogged about, yawn. I was following the crowd, writing about things I thought I was supposed to in order to have a blog, when actually I should have just been writing because I enjoyed it. Not only that, I was painfully shy about the fact that I had even started a blog. I didn’t share it anywhere because I couldn’t bear the thought of anyone I knew reading it.

So the blog was promptly filed away never to be seen again lol, and I started a YouTube channel, uploading weekly vlogs and loving every second of capturing all those memories. I love the idea that I can create my very own time capsule here on the Internet. Holiday memories, weddings, get togethers, they are all there to go back and watch time and time again. Not only that, but jeez louise, I actually told my friends I was doing it! And guess what, those who are into that kind of jam, love them (unless they are just being v v nice to my face lol).

My life went a little bit upside down last year, and I am just starting to get my feet back on the ground. Although I manage to keep things sassy on the surface (most of the time), I’m starting to realise that the healing process is going to take a lot more time and attention than I first thought. However, that upside down time has got me thinking… what am I waiting for?

Why am I putting off that trip?

Why am I putting off that little DIY project I was desperate to start?

Why am I putting off starting my own blog? And actually talking about things I want to talk about…

I love blogs that I can relate to, where I think I have found a friend who is into all the same 28 year old type things that I am into. Yes I still love a fashion post, or a new beauty craze, but more often than not it’s all those adulting things I never thought I would talk about, even down to which washing powder I use…shout me if you’re interested lol. Real girls, real life and a chance to spill out all of the random thoughts in this busy brain of mine.

There we have it, my first, rambly little stamp on the world. I hope we enjoy getting to know each other.

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