ditching denim: what to wear instead of jeans

ditching denim: what to wear instead of jeans

The first pair of jeans I really remember lusting after were a sparkly number from George @ ASDA and, wait for it, they were what we called back then a “Scouser”. Yup that’s a skirt over a pair of trousers. Anyway I don’t think I was ever lucky enough to possess that fine piece of fashion history, but I did go on to practically live in a pair of washed denim, flared jeans that were ripped in places. Not so bad you might think? Well let me tell you, behind those rips, instead of a little bit of skin, you could find the American flag in all it’s glory. I know what you’re thinking…when will we see these on ASOS?!

Luckily, I was aged 17 and in college by the time skinny jeans became a thing (let’s just gloss over the brightly coloured cargo pants and peddle pushers that made an appearance before I made it to that point), and before long a wardrobe of Topshop MOTO was mine. Over the last few months (or years, it could even be years), I started to feel like I had no idea what suited me, what the go to pieces in my wardrobe should be, and what I should invest in. I chucked a ton of stuff out and dreamt of a capsule wardrobe…but I still couldn’t figure out what my key pieces of clothing should be. Time and time again, it came down to never finding a pair of jeans that really fit me, or made me feel good. I’ve had a couple of favourites along the way, but eventually they end up with a rip that has almost turned them into shorts, or they’ve shrunk/stretched blah blah blah.

And then, I had an epiphany…you don’t have to wear jeans! I thought trousers were reserved for the workplace, and skirts for the summer. But no! Hang on! I can wear them anytime I bloody well like. I recently went a teeny bit spendy on ASOS and forced myself to buy things I wouldn’t usually buy. Ermigaaad best decision ever. I’ve found pairs of trousers that not only suit me, they are about as comfy as wearing joggers 24/7 AND they work perfectly with the Converse that only just about make it off of my feet for bedtime. I’ve found skirts that I want to wear all year round, and again I’ve realised that actually, I bloody love them styled with trainers! I’ve bought quite a few new bits lately, but I have also found that having new trousers and skirts has made me love a few of my old tops so much more too.

I know I have blogged previously about how I would rather spend my money on experiences and not material things, and whilst that still stands, I feel like I have found my style now. Found what suits me. Found the things that I can order online and know for sure they will suit me and I have things in my wardrobe that will work with them.

Do you always reach for your jeans in the morning? I dare you to give something different a go!

Jumper – ASOS
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Skirt – ASOS
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Converse – SCHUH

Handbag – Mulberry
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Sunglasses v v old…

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