Where To Go For Pizza In Southampton: Supermarine

I love finding new places to go for dinner. I also love eating pizza. So, I was pretty excited to head down to Supermarine to spend an evening with a few of my fave blogger babes. If you’re wondering where to go for pizza in Southampton, I got you.

where to go - supermarine

Getting them insta vibes

I’m not ashamed to say that I’m instantly sold on great interiors. Restaurant, hotel, Air BnB, if it gives me those Insta vibes, I’m pretty happy. Luckily it’s only buildings and places that I judge by their cover, lol.

Supermarine boasts marble tables and patterned tiles, against brick walls and navy blue wood paneling. You can see why I was sucked in. Not only that, but there is a lovely atmosphere here. There’s nothing worse than feeling like you’re in an echoey, cold environment for dinner, but this place has none of that. Whether you’re taking over the place with a table of 15 (whilst taking a million photos of the place. Just us? Oh ok, lol), or you’re looking for a candle lit date night for two, Supermarine should make it onto your list.

I love when the staff are genuinely lovely too, and the team here are fab!

where to go - supermarine

It’s all about that base

Well, isn’t it? I’m not afraid to name myself something of a pizza connoisseur, and it’s definitely all about that base. And a little bit about that cheese. Seriously, there is nothing better than a tasty base. I’m talking hand stretched, woodfired flavours, paired with fresh from the garden tomato flavour. My fave though was the rosemary base. Seriously, top that with anything and I’ll eat it. Unless it’s chocolate, that definitely needs strawberries.

Omg look at it. Just look how delish that mozzarella looks!

where to go - supermarine

where to go - supermarine

Supermarine have all the yummy pizza toppings you would expect, but you can also give something like avocado or lamb meatballs a go. You can create your own too, and if you’re local…they do TAKEAWAY! Ahhh I wish I lived closer! That said, I am a drive away from Southampton, so to find this little gem on the outskirts in Woolston, with easy peasy parking underneath (FOR FREE!) is perfect.

Supermarine is located just opposite Mettricks and Vospers, so you could basically just spend your entire day eating your way around this little spot. I spied outdoor seating too…HELLO AL FRESCO SUMMER DINING!

Great pizza, great company

So yeah, the pizza was great, but do you know what made it? Excellent company. It was bloody lovely to spend some time getting to know the @sotonbloggers girls a bit better. Alice and Emily have worked so hard to bring together a fab community of bloggers and they’re all bloody brilliant.

I love breaking the week up with a little dinner date, and I would absolutely recommend Supermarine if you’re wondering where to go next.

where to go - supermarineWhere to go next…

I’m going to start this as a little “where to go” series…so if you have any other recommendations of places I should visit, give me a shout!

Have you ever tried chocolate on pizza? What do you think of it?

A big thank you to the fab team at Supermarine, who invited us for pizza on the house…they didn’t pay me to write this post dough… lololol.

where to go - supermarine

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