5 Reasons To Stay At The Lopesan Baobab Resort

If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know that we just returned from the most chill holiday we’ve had since our Honeymoon, lazing around at the Lopesan Baobab Resort in Gran Canaria.

The aim of this trip was so different from all of our holidays in recent years. There were no long haul flights, no itineraries, no pre-booked activities. Just a date with a sun lounger, parasol, pool and a book. With baby Richards well on his way to join the crew next year, we decided that absolute downtime was what we needed.

So the holiday hunt commenced. I bloody hate it if I’m honest. Working out what we can afford & whether the hotel is going to live up to expectation. Lol we’ve all sat on that airport transfer coach transfixed on each hotel we pull up, thinking “please no, don’t let this one be mine”.

I’ll admit that we cheated a little bit with this one though. Some of our closest friends have stayed at the Lopesan Baobab Resort before and could not say enough good things about it. With a little persuasion from my forever “feeling spendy/you only live once” husband, I was sold. It’s not often I’d consider going back to the same place more than once, but here’s why I fell in love with this place.

The visual

From the second we arrived (in the dark) we knew this place was like nothing we had seen before. It’s grand. It feels so special. The Resort is absolutely huge and you’re hit with that epic size the minute you pull up. Not in a “omg what a concrete block of hell” kind of way, more a “pick my jaw up off the floor, this place is blowing my mind” kind of way.

Huge open spaces transport you into this African themed resort, with leafy green landscapes everywhere you look and a warm welcome from the hotel team.

Every time we passed through the entrance, or got an aerial view of our surroundings we couldn’t help but comment on exactly how beautiful it is.

Not forgetting our h u g e bedroom! I’ll be honest, it’s not exactly Instagram goals…it’s a little too dark and pine for that, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t stunning, seriously well equipped and v v comfortable. The shower was out of this world (as the bath looked too…but I didn’t get round to using it) and we were lucky enough to have a gigantic balcony overlooking one of the (!!!) pools.

The attention to detail

Pool towels provided in the room. A tote bag to use throughout your stay. Easy charging of any in hotel spend to your room. Pool attendants ready to take your drinks or food order. Whatever it is that floats your boat and makes your holiday a little bit dreamier, it’s probably available at the Lopesan Baobab Resort.

It’s these little details that remind you that this isn’t your little European self catering holiday.

And the detail isn’t just in the service, it’s in the surroundings. Whether you spot an elephant in the trees, the flamingos in the river or the turtles in the hotel corridors (house points if you know which of the above is real, lol), everything is spot on throughout the entire Resort.

Pick a pool, any pool

Whether you dream of bobbing around in the lazy river, gazing out at the view from the infinity pool, a relaxed dip straight from your bedroom, or somewhere lively for the kids to splash around, it’s all here at the Lopesan Baobab Resort.

We opted to relax around the pool that our room overlooked, with dips in the lazy river, which was just around the corner, every so often and this suited us perfectly. One point to note is that giant flamingo inflatable you bought won’t be allowed in the smaller pools…keep that for the lazy river and the livelier spots.

Feeling safe, and clean

I know, not the most exciting of headings, but I just can’t underestimate how it feels to be entirely safe in your surroundings and enjoy complete cleanliness.

At our last European beach break, we had an outbreak of ants in our self catering apartment which was like no other. At one point, the floor was completely black with the little sods. The staff did nothing to help us, and off we trotted to the supermarket for ant spray to do what we could about the hideous situation.

The holiday before that, I couldn’t sleep for thinking someone might rock up to the door of our ground floor apartment and try their luck with the door.

Well, as you can guess, there was none of that with this place. I love the security of a safe hotel, and I don’t think I’ve known cleanliness like it. I’ll admit, chlorine & bleach have been one of my fave smells whilst pregnant, so I was in my element. Everyday you see something being cleaned and kept in tip top condition, another reminder that this is a much loved and well looked after resort.

Oh and I just remembered how fascinated I was with the toilets near the pools! Lol, I imagine swimming pool toilets to be horrible, wet, smelly places, but these were even better than most spas I’ve visited!

Location, location, location

Gran Canaria is beaut. I know, I know, we didn’t do anywhere near the amount of exploring as we would usually (a baby bump and a much needed break will do that to you), but that didn’t stop us loving our surroundings.

If it’s practical you need, the nearest supermarket is a 5 minute walk. Luxury shops? Make it 10. The beach? You’ll walk it in 15. Maspalomas is a kinda fancy spot in places, and the sunset views are epic.

So what are you waiting for?

As you might be able to tell, this place are what chilled holiday dreams are made of and we loved every second. Obviously there is tonnes I haven’t mentioned, like the hugely attentive staff, the variety of food on offer, delicious cocktails and range of entertainment, but you can assume that all of these things are as epic as you’d imagine.

Whilst this wasn’t the cheapest holiday we’ve ever booked, it was worth every penny. Broken down, it’s not too bank breaky, as we paid around £100 per person, per night on a half board basis, including flights and transfers with TUI. We didn’t spend a huge amount whilst out there either, but remember I don’t drink alcohol and Ross isn’t a huge drinker himself, so we weren’t exactly footing the bill for bottles of wine at dinner…and we didn’t actually do much.

Ooh one thing we did do though was visit the Moonlight Cinema, which is open air and a 5 minute walk from the hotel, a great experience.

I would love to know if you end up staying here!

Images courtesy of Lopesan Baobab Resort.

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