I’m Abi, thanks for popping in to find out more about my little online community!

If you’re thinking “WHO IS SHE?” I’m the girl who will chew your ear off over Instagrammable avo on toast, who you can have a rant about life with, and who is easily influenced by what you last bought on the high street.

I’m based in Hampshire, and I love travel and creating adventures with my loved ones, balanced with time at home (usually spent online shopping, lol).

I’ve got a story to tell, after I beat Stage 4 Melanoma in 2016, but I’m still that “normal” girl, determined to squeeze the best out of life.

Oh, and I’m currently growing my very own human to add to my little crew of a husband and dog!

What can you expect here?

You’ll love it here if you’re looking for inspo to get the most out of life, whether that’s indulging in the latest high street trends, travelling somewhere new, or living your best life at home.

My blog is a little slice of “me”, somewhere that I can be creative and share my experiences with you all, inspiring you all to squeeze the best out of your own lives.

I’mĀ loving buildingĀ a community of like minded women who enjoy sharing in others personal stories and struggles, so get chatting…that’s what makes it all fun!

About Me