Buy Experiences, Not Shoes

Buy Experiences, Not Shoes

Ok, ok, that is a bit of a sweeping statement in the title of this post. I mean, everyone wants to buy shoes, right? But I tell you what you don’t need to buy… 2 pairs a month from Primark. Lol, oh hey me in 2008 draining my University loan! What I mean is, over the years I have stopped buying endless amounts of “stuff”, and started spending my money on “doing”. I wrote a few words about how to budget and save in this post, and alluded to the reason why I like to squirrel a few bob back here and there. EXPERIENCES!

I like to weekend really well, and jet off on an adventure or two. I like that way more than I like the pair of Primark shoes I bought back in 2008. Experiences stick with you, they make you smile, laugh, cry. Sometimes I get this nervy feeling that people will judge me for always “doing”. I felt it when we recently went on holiday to San Francisco and Hawaii. Every time I told someone we were going on holiday, and they asked “ooh, where are you going?”, I actually felt kinda embarrassed that we were jetting off to such a far flung corner of the world, so often reserved for honeymoons and such like. But I tell you what, we work day in and day out to afford little bits of fun here and there, and there is nothing embarrassing about that.

Life is so much more fun when you have something good to focus on, you might hate your job, but a weekend away in the Cotswolds/city/on the coast to look forward to? It makes the whole week a lot brighter. I get so much more joy out of spending my money on unique experiences, quirky hotels and yummy brunches than I do from a new outfit. I don’t remember what I wore on the 18th April 2015, but I know I was living the NYC dream and having a whale of a time. I like to think of my money as fun tokens, each month they get topped up and I can trade them in for as much fun as poss.

I would bloody love some new ideas, so let me know what adventure we should spend our next spare fun tokens on…

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