Goodbye Summer…Hello Autumn

Before we all started melting in the heat of July and August, I wrote this post about fun things to do in the UK this summer. Now it seems that Autumn has hit in full force, and we’re headed straight for cosy afternoons wrapped up in scarves, sipping hot chocolates.

Sounds pretty good to me. I love autumn, but I’m always a bit sad that the summer has been and gone. Wondering whether I made the most of it. Well this year, I feel so ready for autumn, and I think it’s because we had such a summer. Like, we actually had a hot summer, that felt different to spring, autumn and winter, and blessed us with endless days of sunshine.

In an effort not to slip into my usual feels of “oh, I let the summer pass me by”, I fancied a little reflect on everything we did this summer, and whether I kept up with my earlier post.


Yes yes yes! We took the pooch on his first trip to Cornwall, setting up camp in two very different campsites. The first one, was absolutely beaut, we loved the location, and it was clean. My fave, lol.

The second one left A LOT to be desired unfortunately, but we still managed to enjoy ourselves and end the night with Love Island catch up on the iPad. Lol.

Spending time in the garden

I mean, as it turned out, my garden was often too hot to spend much time in!

But we did manage to complete the pallet board seating we promised ourselves, if we did let any signs of turning it into a little haven slip.

There’s a few touches we want to do to make it feel really homely, but that might have to wait until next year now. If standard maternity pay allows, lol.

Visiting new places

Ok, so we didn’t sprinkle too many spontaneous pub dinners and waterside walks in, but we did have the best little holiday in Cornwall, doing plenty of those things.

There are so many spots in Cornwall that simply seem like they don’t even belong in the UK. It’s stunning!

And everything in between

Summer has been pretty good to us. Kicking it off with a trip to Barcelona, and ending in Gran Canaria, it was just what we needed. Oh yep, and falling pregnant, lol.

Ok, so autumn and winter is a little scary as it brings the prospect of a whole new human to keep alive!

I’m currently getting my house ready for autumn. Clearing out, sorting out, tidying, cleaning, you name it, I’m getting ready for the new season. The candles, blankets and hot chocolates are out in full force.

What was your fave bit of summer 2018? And what are you looking forward to this autumn?

Thank you to Yankee Candle for the lovely treats, if you fancy the scent of summer carrying you into candle season, I bloody love their Just Go collection…Tropical Jungle is my absolute fave! #JustGowithYankee.

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