How To Lose Yourself For An Hour – My Top TV Dramas

How To Lose Yourself For An Hour – My Top TV Dramas

Up until v v recently, reality TV was my babe. And it still kinda is, but there is nothing like losing yourself in a TV drama. They have got SO GOOD!

So, if you fancy cosying up on the sofa and forgetting about the fact you need to put a load of washing on, walk the dog, or vacuum the living room, you need to give one of my fave dramas a watch.

  1. Doctor Foster
    If you haven’t heard anyone blabbing on about Doctor Foster then you must have just got back from a year backpacking across the moon. Maan it grips me everytime. The other day, I physically let a gasp of air out during the final scene. If you like the idea of a twisted tale of divorce, this one is for you, beb.
  2. Liar
    This was one of those situations where EVERYONE was talking about it at work, and I actually got the Sky+ app up on my phone during one lunchbreak and downloaded the whole lot to watch that weekend. It will hook you in, keep you guessing, and then smack you with a big fat WTF. I love that moment where you go all wide eyed, and can’t quite believe the road the story has gone down.
  3. Our Girl
    Now this one I could actually get my husband to watch with me, he can’t stand the toe curling uncertainty of what’s going to happen next in series’ like Doctor Foster and Liar, lol. First off, blatant girl crush on Michelle Keegan, obvs. I love that this story is something a bit different, based in a world that many of us know nothing about. Oh yep, and it scores high on the old girl power.
  4. Ordinary Lies
    Ok so back to the toe curling and shouting OMG NO SHE DIDN’T at¬† the TV screen. This BBC series follows the lives of a group of people working in the same place, focusing on a different character each week, who ultimately get themselves in the craziest situations through stupid lies. Actually this is where my girl crush on M Keegs started, as she had a crazy storyline in the first series.
  5. Big Little Lies
    Sensing a theme here with the lies… this is one from over the pond, as Reese Witherspoon¬†brings the Liane Moriarty novel to life. This whole series is so beautifully shot, I loved the whole vibe of it, from the colour grading to the camera angles, not forgetting it’s epic soundtrack. Yo girl loves herself a bit of California too, so the scenery is pretty beaut. Following a group of “kindy” moms, again you’ll be smacked round the face with a few shockers along the way. Pretty smug about the fact that I had a pretty big inkling over what was happening the whole time too… (Side note, I read the book on holiday recently, and ermmm SO weird that it was actually set in Australia!

I’ve checked and all of these shows are available either to download on catch up or to buy on box set, so that duvet day is calling…gogogo!

Please please please hit me up in the comments with your recommendations for new shows to watch!

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