Plan Your Trip Using Social Media: Oxford

Ok, hands up, who has picked a holiday/restaurant/shop purely for its instagrammable worth? ME ME ME. I’ve planned huge holidays with the help of Instagram and Twitter, including LA, Hawaii and San Francisco. It’s no secret that many of us are hunting for the most insta-worthy spots whenever we go anywhere these days. Have you ever tried to plan your trip using social media?

Instagram hashtags

The first thing I do is head to Instagram and scout out the hashtags. We visited Oxford for my birthday recently, so I checked out #oxford, which instantly leads you to a stack of stunning little photo spots. To plan your trip, type in the obvious hashtag, for example #oxford, and pay attention to what else drops down. It should give you plenty of similar hashtags!

The area tucked away from the shops that houses the Radcliffe Camera, Bridge of Sighs, Bodleian Library and several college locations is beaut. Fab for a little wander around and snap some instas. Watch out for the hordes of tourists though! I think we were fairly lucky as we went the day after the huge snow storms.

radcliffe camera

bodleian library plan your trip bridge of sighsInstagram “places”

When you plan your trip, search for the location on Instagram, and go across to the “places” tab to pick up all of the images where users have tagged the location. Firstly, you’ll see all of the places linked directly to that place, but it will also give you similar places. Just like the hashtag feature above!

This is how I discovered images linked to Westgate Oxford, the brand new shopping centre. It has all the fave high street shops, including stores you don’t see everywhere else like & Other Stories and Cos. It also has a blimmin’ Hotel Chocolat Cafe! To say I was excited at this was an understatement. I really should have taken a photo of the dreamiest hot chocolate in existence, but as it is you will just have to find out for yourselves.

Most places will have an Insta story linked to them too. I watched the Oxford insta story and discovered that they had a Pizza Pilgrims. We have been desperate to visit Pizza Pilgrims for SO LONG, so I was blaady excited to indulge in a Margarita to celebrate my 29th year! It’s actually so fun there too, because they have old school computer games, table football, and a photo booth.

Pizza Pilgrims, Oxford Pizza Pilgrims, Oxford Pizza Pilgrims, Oxford Pizza Pilgrims, Oxford Pizza Pilgrims, Oxford

The Oxford Insta story also led me to Junkyard Golf Club. It’s basically an underground neon crazy golf club, with music and bars. It would be fab for a group night out or stag/hen, but we had just as much fun the two of us! Especially when I whacked my ball straight into the path of a group of lads lads lads, lol.

junkyard golf club

Ask for ideas

Uploading a new Insta image? Add in a request for things to do in the place you’re visiting, or put a request in your story. Tweet about it too and add in a few hashtags, you never know what might come back! Hashtags and places can also be tagged in your Insta story too, so that would pop up on relevant stories for others to find.

I did just that, and was also recommended the botanical gardens, and the Jericho/Clarendon Street areas. We ran out of time to visit (and it was freezing!), but I feel like this would be lovely in the summer!

We did stop by a cute little street for a few outfit snaps though. I actually braved posing around a load of passers by!

plan your trip plan your trip plan your trip plan your trip

Let me know if you picked up any useful tips here, and if you have any more! Have you visited Oxford?

Fancy seeing what we got up to in Edinburgh?

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