How To Afford Christmas Whilst Saving For A Baby

Oh heyyy, did I mention that I’m going to OWN MY OWN HUMAN in the New Year?!

Amidst all the worry over whether I’m mentally equipped to keep him alive, there’s also been the concern as to how I’m going to afford to live.

Yes, I could take a shorter maternity leave. Yes, I should have been more strict for the last 8 months whilst saving for a baby. But, it is what it is, and I’m determined to make the longest maternity leave I can take work for us as a family.

Baby Richards will be joining us just in the middle of that rubbish month, where everyone’s on a downer after the festivities, everyone’s moaning about being skint, and we all just can’t believe another year has rolled around.


And here we are, saving for a baby…trying desperately to squirrel away any spare pennies that will afford us the weekly shop once I start earning that meaty (not) Statutory Maternity Pay. LOL.

There’s presents to buy and an expectation that you should be out celebrating, but what if all you can think about is how you’re going to keep saving for a baby…

1. Be honest with friends and family

If funds are feeling a bit tight, tell your friends and family. Just be honest, and let them know that maybs you can’t afford to shower them with gifts this year.

Don’t let yourself get stressed out, or even worse, into debt, just because you feel you need to keep up with what is expected of you at Christmas.

Could a secret santa work to keep costs down? Homemade gifts, perhaps? Lol, I don’t think my family would go for that one, but you know, it’s a nice idea.

And yes, maybe you do have money sitting in the bank that could go on Christmas presents, but maybe it would be better spent next April, when you literally have zero pence in your account. Lololol.

2. Make lists and budgets, and stick to them!

You know I’m a fan of lists and budgets.

My life is pretty much ruled by them, and I feel a billion percent better for ticking off a to do list.

Make a list of everyone you need to buy for, and allocate a budget per person.

Do your research to find the gifts you want to buy, at the right price, and stick to your budget.

If you’re as ridiculous as me, you’ll stick it all in an excel spreadsheet, which will calculate your totals, but ya know…that could just be me.

3. Treat yo’self

No not literally.

If you’re buying gifts for others, I’m sure they will be doing the same for you.

Ask for things that will be a treat that you can’t afford once the baby arrives. Vouchers to get your nails done, or to buy new clothes once you have some resemblance of your old body back, or maybe beauty products to pamper yourself if you ever get 2 minutes spare again.

If you’re lusting after things but know you should be saving instead, keep a mental note of anything you love and let others know!

4. Be clever

Remember, that it doesn’t always have to be about buying a million extravagant gifts.

Could you replace gift giving within your group of friends, to a meal out instead? Or as I mentioned earlier, would a secret santa help you to keep costs down?

Find ways to spend less, but still have fun…I’m sure everyone will understand.

5. Recycle that wardrobe

Ok, this might be easier said than done when it comes to dressing the bump.

But if you can, re-wear outfits to any social occasions you’re attending this festive season. Lol, that’s if you fancy hauling that bump off the sofa.

I fully intend on wearing the exact same outfit to my Christmas party as I did last year (luckily, it’s a v bump friendly dress), and I’ll literally eat my shoe if anyone notices.

If you don’t have an outfit that fits…think about the accessories, can you stick with an old pair of shoes, or an old bag that you forgot about?

Are you saving for a baby?

If you’ve got any tips for surviving maternity leave, and how to save as many pennies as possible, find me on Instagram or Twitter!

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