Scrapping Perfection and Choosing Happiness

“What shall we do today?”

*Scrolls Instagram*; your mate from work is eating avo on toast in an Instagrammable location, that blogger you love is jetting off on another city break, whilst your best friends auntie’s cousin has just set up camp in another Air BnB for the weekend.

Everyone is doing something exciting aren’t they?

And you’re sat at home picking through old cornflakes, in yesterday’s jumper, wondering how you’re going to keep up with the rest of the world.

We’ve all heard the line “social media is a highlights reel”, but we can’t quite seem to believe it, can we?

We take all those little squares on Instagram at face value, gazing into a little glimpse of the next persons more glamorous life.

And do you know what, maybe those people have found perfection in life. But their idea of perfection could well be a million miles away from what might make you happy.

In fact, the very act of trying to chase someone else’s perfection, might be exactly what’s blocking you from your own. What about if you scrap that idea of perfection, and simply choose happiness instead?

It’s OK to be content with the quiet life

Sometimes we have busy weekends. Sometimes we don’t.

I love my busy weekends, they usually involve friends, family or doing something else fun with Ross and Bear.

But do you know what truly makes me happy? What makes me feel absolutely content on a cosy Sunday?

A slow weekend. The quiet life.

It occurred to me recently. I knew I’d been feeling this underlying feeling of happiness.

It was Ross who pointed it out, turning to me on a Sunday morning to tell me that he’s really been enjoying our weekends lately. Just pottering about.

Without even realising it, I agreed, I just simply felt content.

I seriously don’t feel the need to be constantly doing things.

It’s fine if all your mates are out Instagramming the weekend away, but it’s also fine if you’re bloody happy curled up on a sofa, watching on from afar.

Stop and think

Do you have itchy feet, cabin fever and a desperate need to go out and do something? Or do you simply feel like you should be doing something, because everyone else is?

If it’s the latter, and actually you think that doing a few jobs around the home, making yourself a hot chocolate and finally reading that book you’ve not got round to, would make you happy, then do it.

Ignore that nagging feeling that you need to keep up with the rest of the world, and do what makes you happy.

And if it’s the first one, get out there pals…the world is your oyster (to Instagram, lol).

And what if it’s about money?

What if you really are desperate to get out there and do something this weekend, but the funds just won’t allow it? That can be frustrating.

But getting a bit of fresh air and some exercise in those legs of yours doesn’t have to cost you anything.

How about throwing one of these into your slow weekend…

  • A walk. Whatever the season (although preferably not in the rain, lol).
  • Getting that job done at home. I know, sounds boring, but trust me…feels good.
  • Reading the book/magazine/blog you’ve not found time to for weeks.
  • Indulging in whatever your hobby is. Blogging? Photography? Sport? Make a point of scheduling in time to do whatever it is that you love.

And remember, it’s never all about money.

Yes, if you won the lottery your life might become a little less stressful, but ultimately, it wouldn’t change your level of happiness.

Happiness comes with being happy with everything that you have in life. Your loved ones, and how your spend your time.

So, what’s your perfection?

I would love to know about your happiest, simplest kind of day.

What’s the best weekend you’ve had where, really, you didn’t even do much?

Come and tell me about it over on Instagram or Twitter…whichever is your fave!

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