how to up your festive feels: snow white in panto

how to up your festive feels: snow white in panto

As you can probs tell, I am all about the festive feels right now. Christmas market? Let me at you. Festive candles? My house is p much on fire. This is so far from the place I was in this time last December, so this year I am jumping at any opportunity to up my festive cheer. Is there anything more festive than shouting “he’s behiiiind yoooou!” at a Christmas pantomime? I don’t think so! When I was invited to watch Snow White at the Mayflower Theatre, it took me straight back to one of my fave childhood memories. The annual pantomime trip with my Great Aunt.

I always lol thinking back to once when she asked if I’d like to “spend a penny” before we went into the theatre. Instantly I said yes, I’d love to spend a few pennies on sweets! When I was taken to the toilet instead of the Woolworths Pick’n’Mix stand, I was kinda disappointed.

Well, there were no such disappointments this year, firstly I took my own pennies for sweets.

Snow White at the Mayflower Theatre

When I found out Craig Revel-Horwood was starring in the show (big Strictly fan!), my excitement levels were p high. And the fact that he would be joined by The Chuckle Brothers? Big lol throwback to Chucklevision viewing days whilst munching on a Cheesestring after school, those were the days! The street dance troupe Flawless were also performing, of Britain’s Got Talent fame. These are the acts that always get me excited on the talent show, so I was super excited to see them in real life.

Firstly, if anyone is wondering whether Craig Revel-Horwood can dance in stilettos, the answer is a big fat yes. And can he rock more glitter than an office Christmas party? Yes, yes he can. He’s actually got quite the set of lungs on him too! There was more innuendo that I can shake a phallic cucumber at, and just the right amount of cheesy panto humour. Mostly from The Chuckle Brothers, of course. Flawless were, well, flawless (ahem…). I pretty much danced my way through my teens, so this kinda thing really tickles my pickle. Ok, so your typical panto line up wouldn’t usually include breakdancing,  but I was completely sucked in. And there was a kid in front of me loving life at the music, so ya know…family fun and all that.

So, if you’re struggling to get into the festive spirit, I would definitely recommend indulging in a little bit of “Oh, no you’re not!” at your local panto. Also, a chance to get your glad rags on and whack on a bit of plum lippie? I’m down for that too.

Fancy getting tickets?

Christmas pantos have come a LONG way since my day of spending a penny and indulging in a bit of Dick Whittington. Without ending on a bit of a bombshell spoiler, let’s just say that things have got a little more techy since then. The Mayflower have pulled out all the stops to impress! There was even a cheeky little strip scene…make of that what you will. Don’t worry, it wasn’t Barry of the Chuckle Brothers.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is featuring at the Mayflower Theatre now until 7 January 2018. Tickets are available from the Mayflower Theatre Box Office on 02380 711833, or online at

Whilst I was invited along to the press evening for this showing, I received no payment for this blog post…all childhood throwbacks and panto excitement is my own. Thanks to the Mayflower and @sotonbloggers for having me!

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Snow White

Snow White