Visit New York: Spring Or Winter?

If you follow me on Twitter, you might have seen me absolutely creasing up over finding our holiday photos from a trip to Boston, Washington and New York in 2012. OK, so your girl was using a bright pink, indestructible, waterproof Olympus that had the quality of a potato. To give it it’s due, it was great for the time, but jeez have cameras come a long way since then!

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We literally had zero concept of what made a good photo. Random people walking into frame? Who cares! Wonky skyline? No worries! Lol. I was literally cry laughing. Two of my favourites are one of me, stood in Grand Central Station, and another of the Met steps. Lol, so the Grand Central Station snap? All you can see is my gleaming white face from the flash, and complete darkness behind me. One of the most stunning buildings there is, and we butcher it with shoddy skills. The Met steps one really got me though. It looks like an awful photo with about 3 million people walking into shot, and then at the last minute we spotted me, sat down looking pathetic in the corner of the photo. We literally didn’t even spot that I was even in the image until the last second. Hilarious.

Ok, I wasn’t going to do this, but I’m going to have to let you in on the embarrassing tourist photos aren’t I? Ahh…fill your boots, lol.

visit new york

As you can imagine, this little discovery has made us desperate to visit New York again. Our skills and interest in photography are unrecognisable from the days of my waterproof camera, and we feel like we need to do it justice. We are lucky enough to have visited the city twice before, once in December, and once in April.

3 Reasons to Visit New York in Winter

Without a doubt, New York is the home of the festive season. From the biggest tree you will ever see at the Rockefeller Centre to buildings adorned in gift wrap, this is the place to be in December.

  1. Catch a show. Ok yes, you should do this all year round in New York, but there’s something really lovely about doing it in the winter, when it’s freezing cold outside! We watched The Lion King, which you must do at some point in your life.
  2. Ice skating in Central Park. We were pretty surprised to see the ice skating rink still in situ at the Rockefeller Centre when we arrived in April, but you can’t beat this in December!
  3. Visit Magnolia Bakery. For a cake and a hot drink. I swear to you, the slice of heaven that I indulged in from the Magnolia Bakery was the size of my face. And it was delish.

3 Reasons to Visit New York in Spring

It turns out that spring in New York can be pretty unpredictable. We experiences freezing cold days with sheets of rain, and boiling hot days where New Yorkers filled Central Park. True extremes!

  1. Strolling in Central Park. This part of the city is pretty epic all year round, and looks stunning covered in a fresh coat of snow. But, we loved it in spring. Strolling for hours in our shorts and tee’s. Watching baseball games and obsessing over dogs in the dog park. Grabbing a sunny little corner to read our books. The extra hours of sunlight that spring brings makes the park a safer place for longer in the day. We’ve got a personal love affair with the park too, because it’s where we got engaged!
  2. Riding the Staten Island Ferry. Of course, this runs year round, but as the weather warms up, you might be more inclined to get a better snap than I did of the Statue of Liberty. Oh yep, and the ferry is free!
  3. Watch the weird and wonderful at Washington Square. There is always something happening here. Whether it’s street entertainers or a protest of sorts, it’s the perfect people watching spot.

visit new york

And one reason to visit New York ANYTIME

It’s magic. There is just something about the city that feels exciting. Whether you are grabbing a slice of dollar pizza, or taking the sites in via helicopter, there’s a constant buzz. Ahh, I want to go back so much!

Have you got any plans to visit New York? Please let me know if you would like another New York post! I’ve got tips on what to eat, and which sights are must do versus ones to miss.

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