what’s going on around here?

what’s going on around here?

You might be wondering what’s going on around here. Or you might not have noticed lol, but I’ve been blogging a little bit less these days. And I’ve got an explanation for you. I’ve been working on my own business idea. I’m so excited to finally share it!!

My last post here, might have been a bit of a giveaway that I was working on something important. Something that I am passionate about. That I’m good at, and want to make a go of.

So here it is, I have launched my very own Online Planning Service, “Life, Made Simple“. In a nutshell, it’s the simplest way to organise an event or a trip of any size…by leaving it to me! Whether you’re in charge of organising a chilled hen weekend away, or you’ve got your sights set on traveling around California, I have created three different packages to take the stress out and give you a bit of time back in your life. Whether you need a point in the right direction, or you want me by your side every step of the way, I’ve made it easy to select a package to suit your needs. And you can do it all online, if that tickles your pickle.

But I couldn’t do something without a little bit of creativity and “luxe” feel could I? One of my fave bits of my new business is the creation of mood boards to style your event, or plan your activities whilst your away. I’ve uploaded samples on the website, if you fancy a nosy. There’s gorgeous brochures detailing every little bit of your trip. And itineraries so detailed you’ll know what you’re having for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You know me, I love a plan.

Those of you who have followed the blog for some time will know that I am passionate about planning. And events and travel are my thang…I’ve got an Events Management degree under my belt, along with years of experience as a Wedding Co-ordinator and Personal Assistant. It makes sense ya know.

But what about the blog?

Well, I love blogging and nothing will change there. I really want to make a go of this new business and I will absolutely be throwing my all at it, so that might mean a few less blog posts from time to time, but hey, we’ll see. As planning is kinda what I’m good at, there will be plenty of tips and tricks in the form of blog posts up around here. But this is also my little space on the internet to voice the thoughts that clang around in my brain and see what you all think of them. So when I have a burning desire to write, I’ll write.

And if I’m honest, I’ve got a few changes coming up in my personal life, which I’m sure will affect the blog and my social channels in more ways than one. Did you all know that I started out weekly vlogging? Well, I’m going to get back to a bit of that. I loved it, and I only stopped because my health put a spanner in the works. But I’ve got reason to document what I get up to again soon, so I’ll be getting a bit more familiar with my vlogging camera again.

And then there’s Instagram. Oh how fickle you are Insta! I love Instagram, and I’m not going to be shying away from the platform, but I also need to take a step back from how miserable it is to lose followers everytime you bloody well post. Lol.

Shout about my business

I would love it if you fancied telling people all about “Life, Made Simple“. Maybe it’s not your thing, and you’re a dab hand at events and travel, but maybe you know someone who could do with exactly that. Tell your mum, tell your boss, tell anyone! And thaaaaanks!

P.S. There’s 25% off all of my packages for the launch month, so go, go, go!